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G-Band metamorphic HEMT-based frequency multipliers

G-Band metamorpher HEMT basierender Frequenz-Vervielfacher
: Campos-Roca, Y.; Schwörer, C.; Leuther, A.; Seelmann-Eggebert, M.


IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 54 (2006), No.7, pp.2983-2992
ISSN: 0018-9480
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
CPW; coplanar waveguide; frequency multiplier; MHEMT; metamorphic high electron mobility transistor; millimeter wave; MMIC; monolithic microwave integrated circuits; G-Band; koplanare Wellenleiter; Frequenzvervielfacher; metamorpher HEMT; Millimeterwelle; integrierte Mikrowellenschaltung

Two monolithic G-band active frequency multipliers have been designed and fabricated using coplanar-waveguide technology. The monolithic microwave integrated circuits are a frequency tripler for an output frequency of 140 GHz and a 110-220-GHz frequency doubler. The tripler demonstrates a maximum conversion gain of -11 dB for an input power of 9 dBm, whereas the doubler achieves a conversion gain of -7 dB for a 2.5-dBm input signal. The circuits have been realized using two InAlAs/InGaAs-based metamorphic high electron-mobility transistor processes with different gate lengths of 100 and 50 nm, respectively.