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Digitized Robot Assembly (DRA)

Workshop concept
: Thieme, Paul; Yesilyurt, Ozan; Bauer, Dennis; Strieg, Florian

Stuttgarter Produktionsakademie:
Making the Business Case for Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing : Seminar, September 13-14, 2017, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2017 (Seminar SPA 377)
4 Folien
Seminar "Making the Business Case for Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing" <September 2017, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Workshop; Industrie 4.0; Digitalisierung; business game; Roboter

Digitized Robot Assembly is a simulation game created by Fraunhofer IPA, in which mBot robots are assembled by the workshop participants in six product variants with differences in color, features and software. The simulation game structure contains two rounds of production processes (“before” Industrie 4.0 LEAN, “today” with Industrie 4.0). In the first round, the participants assemble mBots after LEAN-principles. In the second round of the game, some new adjustments are taken such as new order system, one-piece flow, real-time tracking and KPI calculation and app-based quality assurance, which are used by the participants to assemble mBots after Industrie 4.0 principles. The goals of this simulation game are to understand challenges for manufacturers of multi-variant products, combine the approaches of LEAN and Industrie 4.0 and experience the benefits of Industrie 4.0 technologies.