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Mikrostrukturierung von Fluoridgläsern durch Heißprägen

: Schubert, A.; Burkhardt, T.; Edelmann, J.

Innovations- und Gründerzentrum Magdeburg GmbH:
Innovationsforum Strukturierung von Gläsern : 14. - 15. Februar, Magdeburg-Barleben
Magdeburg, 2005
Reportnr.: BMBF 01HI0411
Innovationsforum Strukturierung von Gläsern <2005, Magdeburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Mikrostrukturierung; Fluoridgläser; Heißprägen; Heißformung; Blankpressen; Mikrofertigung; microstructuring; fluorid glass; Hot-Embossing; hot forming; glass pressing; microfabrication

Due to its outstanding characteristics like its optical functionality in the visible range, the amorphous structure or the chemical stability the material glass offers a broad application scope in the micro system engineering. A requirement for the broader use of inorganic glasses in the micro technology is however the availability of efficient manufacturing technologies to microstructure these glasses and the integration of the glass construction units into hybrid systems.