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In-volume structuring of a bilayered polymer foil using direct laser interference patterning

: Rößler, Florian; Günther, Katja; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián


Applied surface science 440 (2018), pp.1166-1171
ISSN: 0169-4332
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
laser material processing; microstructure fabrication; direct laser interference patterning; in-volume structuring; decorative element; functionalization

Periodic surface patterns can provide materials with special optical properties, which are usable in decorative or security applications. However, they can be sensitive to contact wear and thus their lifetime and functionality are limited. This study describes the use of direct laser interference patterning for structuring a multilayered polymer film at its interface creating periodic in-volume structures which are resistant to contact wear. The spatial period of the structures are varied in the range of 1.0 µm to 2.0 µm in order to produce decorative elements. The pattern formation at the interface is explained using cross sectional observations and a thermal simulation of the temperature evolution during the laser treatment at the interface. Both, the diffraction efficiency and direct transmission are characterized by light intensity measurements to describe the optical behavior of the produced periodic structures and a decorative application example is presented.