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Towards a cloud-based service for maintaining and analyzing data about scientific events

: Behrend, Andreas; Vahdati, Sahar; Lange, Christoph; Engels, Christiane

Fulltext (PDF; )

Online im WWW, 2017, arXiv:1711.04548, 14 pp.
International Workshop "Semantics, Analytics, Visualisation - Enhancing Scholarly Data" (SAVE-SD) <3, 2017, Perth>
International World Wide Web Conference <26, 2017, Perth>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IAIS ()

We propose the new cloud-based service OpenResearch for managing and analyzing data about scientific events such as conferences and workshops in a persistent and reliable way. This includes data about scientific articles, participants, acceptance rates, submission numbers, impact values as well as organizational details such as program committees, chairs, fees and sponsors. OpenResearch is a centralized repository for scientific events and supports researchers in collecting, organizing, sharing and disseminating information about scientific events in a structured way. An additional feature currently under development is the possibility to archive web pages along with the extracted semantic data in order to lift the burden of maintaining new and old conference web sites from public research institutions. However, the main advantage is that this cloud-based repository enables a comprehensive analysis of conference data. Based on extracted semantic data, it is possible to determine quality estimations, scientific communities, research trends as well the development of acceptance rates, fees, and number of participants in a continuous way complemented by projections into the future. Furthermore, data about research articles can be systematically explored using a content-based analysis as well as citation linkage. All data maintained in this crowd-sourcing platform is made freely available through an open SPARQL endpoint, which allows for analytical queries in a flexible and user-defined way.