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Basics of cyber-physical systems

: Breunig, David Albert

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Industry 4.0 - Cyber-Physical Systems : Seminar. 23th-27th October 2017, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2017 (Seminar SPA 396)
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Seminar "Industry 4.0 - Cyber-Physical Systems" <2017, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Industrie 4.0; Cyber-Physisches System (CPS); Digitale Transformation

One of the main targets of Industrie 4.0 is to establish node-based automation networks in manufacturing as replacements for current hierarchically organised factory automation systems. Current systems are static and specifically set up for one or several manufacturing tasks. Concepts of node-based systems aim for a dynamic and highly flexible, self-organising system of systems that is able to handle any requested manufacturing task according to the capabilities and availabilities of its child systems. Automation components which work as child systems in such a system of systems must fulfil new demands light highly integrated networking capabilities and digital representation. Meeting these demands makes them cyberphysical systems. These publication aims to show the necessary basics of such CPS for usage in manufacturing.