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Design of a modular framework for the integration of machines and devices into service-oriented production networks

: Jung, Sven; Kulik, Michael; König, Niels; Schmitt, Robert

Schmitt, R. ; Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktionstechnik -WGP-:
7. WGP-Jahreskongress 2017 : 5.-6. Oktober 2017, Aachen
Aachen: Apprimus Verlag, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-86359-555-5
Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktionstechnik (WGP Jahreskongress) <7, 2017, Aachen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Fertigungsleittechnik; flexibles Fertigungssystem; Netzwerk; Prozessüberwachung; Steuerungstechnik; Überwachung; digital manufacturing system; distributed design; integration

In todays production systems flexibilisation and process data tracking becomes more and more important, in order to face the challenges coming with an individualised production and highly linked processes. The required digital interconnection of machines and systems is time-consuming and costly, due to the variety of different interfaces and protocols. Within this work, we present a framework for a flexible and less complex integration of machines and devices into production networks and systems. This helps to make existing machines Industry 4.0 ready and unify data interchange for more dynamic and linked production systems.