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Verbessertes elektrophoretisches Trennverfahren fuer die Analyse der Genexpression

Quantitative/qualitative analysis of the gene expression, comprises extracting a messenger RNA from a biological material to give a radioactive labeled double-stranded cDNA molecule, two-dimensional isolating of cDNA, and sequencing of DNA.
: Sohn, K.; Rupp, S.

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DE 102004048334 A: 20041001
DE 2004-102004048334 A: 20041001
DE 102004048334 A1: 20060406
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Die folgende Erfindung betrifft ein verbessertes Verfahren zur quantitativen oder qualitativen Analyse der Genexpression eines biologischen Materials.


DE1004048334 A UPAB: 20060502 NOVELTY - Quantitative or qualitative analysis of the gene expression of a biological material comprises extracting at least one messenger RNA from the biological material, obtaining at least one labeled double strand cDNA molecule from the messenger RNA, using a multi-dimensional isolating system where cDNA passes through the system, and quantitatively or qualitatively analysing the resultant spots of cDNA. USE - The invention deals with a quantitative or qualitative analysis of the gene expression of a biological material. ADVANTAGE - The analysis system is cost effective, simple and fast.