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Enhanced performance of pocket-sized nanoparticle exposure monitor for healthy indoor environment

: Wasisto, H.S.; Uhde, E.; Peiner, E.


Building and environment 95 (2016), pp.13-20
ISSN: 0360-1323
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
airborne nanoparticles; cantilever resonator; integrated system; electrophoretic sampler

An electrophoretic cantilever-based nanoparticle (NP) sensor was described and evaluated for personal monitoring of occupational exposure at indoor environment. Measurements performed under defined NP concentrations in a conditioned chamber confirmed the feasibility of the measurement principle. For the first laboratory sample of the sensor cyclic switching between NP sampling and frequency tracking revealed settling times of 5 min and 1.5 min, respectively, until stable conditions were reached. Using an enhanced design of the sampling head this response time was considerably reduced to 20 s. With a total device volume of 540 cm3, weight of 375 g, and power consumption of 1.25 W the fully integrated pocket-sized system can be easily held or worn, e. g., by workmen in nanotechnology industry during their working shifts.