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Emissionen organischer Verbindungen aus Faserverbundwerkstoffen für den Innenraum

Emissions of volatile organic compounds from fibre-reinforced composites for indoor use
: Dix, B.; Salthammer, T.

5. Internationales Symposium Werkstoffe aus Nachwachsenden Rohstoffen 2005 = 5th International Symposium on Materials made from Renewable Resources. CD-ROM : 01. - 02. September 2005, Messe- und Kongresszentrum Erfurt
Erfurt, 2005
Internationales Symposium Werkstoffe aus Nachwachsenden Rohstoffen <5, 2005, Erfurt>
International Symposium on Materials made from Renewable Resources <5, 2005, Erfurt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer WKI ()
Faserverbundwerkstoff; Innenraum; Emission; flüchtige organische Verbindung; fibre-reinforced composite; indoor use; emission; volatile organic compound

The requirements on environmental and health compatibility of materials for indoor use have increased severely in the past years. Volatile organic compounds (VOC), together with very volatile (VVOC) and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC) are some of the most important impurities in indoor air. Certain VOC can cause odour irritations. Fibre-reinforced composites can emit volatile organic compounds to the environment during manufacuture and use. The emissions and the odour behaviour of the materials are influenced by different factors, such as raw materials (fibres, polymers, additives, etc.), manufacturing conditions and ageing of the composite.
The paper will introduce the most important testing methods with regard to emissions and odour of materials for indoor use. Furthermore the current situation regarding regulations for indoor products will be covered. In addition results from emission investigations on hemp fibres and shives as well as fibre-reinforced composites will be presented.