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In Vitro-Gewebetestsystem

Preparing in vitro tissue test systems, useful, e.g., for screening or studying infection processes, by growing cells in three-dimensional gel biomatrix
: Dieterich, C.; Rupp, S.; Noll, M.; Gräve, T.

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DE 2000-10026789 A: 20000531
DE 2000-10062626 A: 20001215
WO 200192476 A: 20020418
DE 10062626 B4: 20051020
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(A1) Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft Mittel und Verfahren zur Analyse und Diagnose von durch pathogene und/oder parasitaere Mikroorganismen hervorgerufenen menschlichen oder tierischen Infektionen, Mittel und Verfahren zur Analyse und Diagnose von entarteten oder gentechnisch veraenderten menschlichen oder tierischen Zellen sowie Mittel und Verfahren zur Untersuchung und Testung von Antiinfektiva und Arzneimitteln gegen Tumore sowie dreidimensionale in vitro-Organ- und Gewebetestmodelle, insbesondere von fuer Infektionen anfaelligen Geweben, wie Darm, Haut, Cornea, Trachea und Schleimhaeuten.

(B4) Verfahren zur Herstellung eines einschichtigen menschlichen oder tierischen in vitro-Gewebetestsystems, wobei menschliche oder tierische Zellen in eine dreidimensionale, gelartige Biomatrix, enthaltend 3,5 bis 4,5 mg Kollagen pro ml Biomatrix in gepuffertem serum-haltigen Zellkulturmedium, eingebettet und in dieser so kultiviert werden, dass ein einschichtiges in vitro-Gewebesystem gewonnen wird.


WO 200192476 A UPAB: 20020418 NOVELTY - Preparation of a single-layered, human or animal in vitro tissue test system (A) comprises seeding human or animal cells (B) into a three-dimensional, gel-like biomatrix (C) in buffered, serum-containing cell culture medium, then culturing. (B) contains at least 3 mg collagen/ml. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) preparation of a three-dimensional, human or animal in vitro organ or tissue test system (A') in which (A) is prepared as above, by submerged culture for 1-2 days, then seeded with cells (B') of at least one different type; (2) (A) and (A') prepared by the new methods; (3) investigating (M1) the infection processes of pathogenic or parasitic microorganisms, using (A) or (A'); (4) determining (M2) the activity of a chemical substance or other agent on infection processes of pathogenic or parasitic microorganisms using (A) or (A'); and (5) determining (M3) the activity of a chemical substance or other agent on (ab)normal human or animal cells using (A) or (A'). USE - For in vitro tissue testing (claimed). In particular, (A), and related multilayered systems, are in vitro organ or tissue models for: (a) investigating infection and resistance processes in pathogenic or parasitic microorganisms; and (b) for studying effects of chemicals and other agents on infectious processes in human and animal cells (including those that are genetically modified), e.g., in testing, development and screening of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and cosmetic compounds, particularly antimicrobial and antitumor agents, including analysis of their specificity. ADVANTAGE - The test system provides results that are more informative than those from animal tests and more relevant to the situation in humans. It is closely similar, both functionally and histologically, to native organs and tissues.