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Magnéli phases Ti4O7 and Ti8O15 and their carbon nanocomposites via the thermal decomposition-precursor route

: Conze, Susan; Veremchuk, Igor; Reibold, Marianne; Matthey, Björn; Michaelis, Alexander; Grin, Juri; Kinski, Isabel


Journal of solid state chemistry 229 (2015), pp.235–242
ISSN: 0022-4596
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
titanium oxide; magnéli phase; TiOx; thermoelectric materials and properties; PDC; nanocomposite

A new synthetic approach for producing nano-powders of the Magnéli phases Ti4O7, Ti8O15 and their carbon nanocomposites by thermal decomposition-precursor route is proposed. The formation mechanism of the single-phase carbon nanocomposites (Ti4O7/C and Ti8O15/C) from metal–organic precursors is studied using FT-IR, elemental analysis, TG, STA-MS and others. The synthesis parameters and conditions were optimized to prepare the target oxides with the desired microstructure and physical properties. The electrical and transport properties of Ti4O7/C and Ti8O15/C are investigated. These nano-materials are n-type semiconductors with relatively low thermal conductivity in contrast to the bulk species. The nanostructured carbon nanocomposites of Magnéli phases achieve a low thermal conductivity close to 1 W/m K at RT. The maximum ZT570 °C values are 0.04 for Ti4O7/C powder nanocomposite and 0.01 for Ti8O15/C bulk nanocomposite.