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Three-dimensional numerical simulation and experiment of three fields cooperative in refrigerated road transport carriage

: Li, Q.; Weng, W.; Fang, Dianjun; Cao, M.; Wu, J.

Nong ye ji xie xue bao : ji kan 45 (2014), No.12, pp.241-248
ISSN: 1000-1298
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IML ()
numerical simulation; pressure field; refrigerated road transport carriage; temperature field; velocity field

Taking advantage of research results about cooperative control of flow field and temperature field, the cooperative of velocity field and pressure field were further investigated by setting up indispensable parameters of heat transfer medium in refrigerated road transport carriage, according with start points of energy conservation synergistic equation and turbulent kinetic energy equation. Considering temperature distribution homogeneity as evaluation objective, the simulation distribution condition of three fields in longitudinal cross sections was qualitatively analyzed and experimentally verified. The heat transfer and pressure drop performance were fulfilled using numerical simulation analysis and comparison method for inlet orifice with three different shapes as circle holes, elliptic or regular hexagon. The test data of inside temperature in refrigerated transport carriage in fully loaded process showed that the highest temperature in cross sections with width direction dropped from 2.53? to 1.27?, and the standard deviation amplitude of temperature values dropped from 0.642? to 0.332?, respectively. The results also demonstrated that the flow resistance of elliptic air inlet orifice was smaller than other two shapes, and the consumption power of refrigeration motor-pump was fewer. The temperature distribution was more stable and homogeneity, and velocity field, temperature gradient field and pressure gradient field had favorable harmonious degree.