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220-GHz metamorphic HEMT amplifier MMICs for high-resolution imaging applications

Auf metamorpher HEMT-Technologie basierende 220 GHz Verstärker MMICs für den Einsatz in hochauflösenden, abbildenen Systemen
: Tessmann, A.


IEEE journal of solid-state circuits 40 (2005), No.10, pp.2070-2076
ISSN: 0018-9200
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
cascode; Kaskade; coplanar waveguide; Koplanarleitung; G-Band; MHEMT; metamorphic high electron mobility transistor; metamorpher Transistor mit hoher Elektronenbeweglichkeit; millimeter wave; Millimeterwelle; amplifier; Verstärker; MMIC; monolithic microwave integrated circuits; monolithisch integrierte Millimeterwellenschaltung

In this paper, the development of 220-GHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) MMICs for use in high-resolution active and passive millimeter-wave imaging systems is presented. The amplifier circuits have been realized using a well-proven 0.1-µm gate length and an advanced 0.05-µm gate length InAlAs/InGaAs based depletion-type metamorphic high electron mobility transistor technology. Furthermore, coplanar circuit topology in combination with cascode transistors was applied, leading to a compact chip size and an excellent gain performance at high millimeter-wave frequencies. A realized single-stage 0.05-µm cascode LNA exhibited a small-signal gain of 10 dB at 222 GHz, while a 0.1-µm four-stage amplifier circuit achieved a linear gain of 20 dB at the frequency of operation and more than 10 dB over the bandwidth from 180 to 225 GHz.