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Technological potential and performance of gears ground by dressable CBN tools

: Reimann, J.; Klocke, Fritz; Brumm, Markus; Mehr, A.; Finkenwirth, K.

Gear technology 31 (2014), No.2, pp.54-59
ISSN: 0743-6858
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()

Dressable vitrified bond CBN grinding tools combine the advantages of other common tool systems in generating gear grinding. Yet despite those technological advantages, there is only a small market distribution of these grinding tools due to high tool costs. Furthermore, scant literature exists regarding generating gear grinding with dressable CBN. This is especially true regarding the influence of the grinding tool system on manufacturing-related component properties. The research objective of this report is to determine the advantages of dressable CBN tools in generating gear grinding.