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Accuracy assessment of hygrothermal building simulations of historic buildings

: Kilian, Ralf; Krus, Martin; Sedlbauer, Klaus

Fulltext (PDF; )

Arfvidsson, Jesper (Ed.) ; Univ. Lund:
NSB 2014, 10th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics : 15-19 June 2014, Lund, Sweden; Full Papers
Lund, 2014
ISBN: 978-91-88722-53-9
Nordic Symposium on Building Physics (NSB) <10, 2014, Lund>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The objective of this paper is the definition and development of new concepts to assess the hygrothermal simulation models of historic buildings in the context of preventive conservation. Preventive conservation is aimed at the permanent conservation of works of art and objects of cultural value by improving ambient conditions and by reducing or minimizing relevant risks. The quality of simulations is of significant importance especially in assessing the risks in historic buildings with precious interieur and works of art, since misjudgements of planned measures can result in irreversible damages. Moreover, hygrothermal simulations offer new opportunities in calculating the effect of different measures to improve indoor climate. Therefore, it is important to develop criteria to assess the results of simulation with regard to preventive conservation, and to verify them by means of case studies. A new method is presented to implement and calibrate simulation models of historic buildings.