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Precise evaluation of the spore reducing activity of photo-catalytic surfaces

: Krueger, Nicole; Hofbauer, Wolfgang; Mayer, Florian; Breuer, Klaus

Healthy Buildings 2012. 10th International Conference : 8 -12 July 2012, Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-921897-40-5
6 pp.
Healthy Buildings Conference <10, 2012, Brisbane>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

Special test applications for the evaluation of the reduction of fungal and bacterial spore load on indoor surfaces were developed. The procedure for testing the efficiency of a photocatalytic active surface material to reduce the number of viable microbial spores involves control and monitoring of environmental and technical parameters such as irradiation (intensity and duration), temperature, humidity and original spore load. Following a certain period of UVA-light-irradiation the extent of viable spore reduction was investigated. The evaluation of the effect on fungal and bacterial spores was performed using a contact plate method. For fungal spores a test cycle with several hours duration before contact plate sampling was employed, for bacterial spores the duration of the test cycle could be shortened and supplemented by a sensitive fluorescence detection method to evaluate the viable spore reduction. Tests are easy to perform and provide traceable and repeatable results. These
procedures are supplemental or even superior to previously employed methods.