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Selection criteria and process for quality model tailoring

: Lampasona, Constanza; Kläs, Michael; Plösch, Reinhold

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Created on: 28.9.2012

Kaiserslautern, 2012, VII, 82 pp.
IESE-Report, 034.12/E
Reportnr.: 034.12/E
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IESE ()
adaptation; tailoring; quality model; methodological support; QuaMoCo

The objective of WP 3.3 in the Quamoco project was to develop a procedure for quality model adaptation based on existing content and on the proposed selection criteria.
In this document we present the mentioned selection criteria and an adaptation process for Quamoco quality models, which are both based on the requirements for adaptation mechanisms defined in the project as well as on the results from WP 3.1 on variability and tailoring mechanisms for quality models, and on the Quamoco meta-model v2.5.
We define the operations that are allowed to be performed when tailoring a quality model. These are basic operations (delete, add, and modify) and compound operations (tag, select, slit, and combine). The scope of the adaptation process is also defined in this document, based on the three levels where we consider that quality models can exist: public, organization and project levels.
The adaptation process itself is described by means of interconnected activities with defined inputs and outputs. We tried to leave this part as independent as possible from the quality meta-model. However, specific examples are given in connection with the Quamoco meta-model v2.5.
We complement the adaptation process with guidelines for quality model adaptation and typical adaptation scenarios. These are described less formally and intend to support the stakeholder performing the adaptation as much as possible.