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Role of research and technology in the nanofutures roadmap

Presentation held at Nanofutures WG Meeting, 20th June 2012, Aarhus, Denmark
: Meyer, Tanja

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2012, 21 Folien
Nanofutures Working Group Meeting <2012, Aarhus>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Nanofertigung; Nanotechnologie; nanotechnology; roadmap; Technologie-Roadmap; European Technology Platform; value chain; Europa; Forschung; Industrie

NANOfutures a European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform targets the objective of establishing cooperation and representation of different stakeholders with expert groups that require nanotechnologies in their industrial sector and products. Different activities supporting this environment and focusing on European strategic efforts on key aspects related to nano research and technology such as the Working Group "Research and Technology" does. For such key aspects it is necessary to work on trends, action plans and Roadmaps for supplying and establishing accessible instruments as introduced into the present documentation. The Nanofutures Draft Roadmap based on seven application oriented value chains is presented and praise, comments, improvements and actions coming from the Nanofutures Members and community are presented.