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Monitoring of degradation process in automotive-multilayer coatings using photooxidation index

: Entenmann, Marc; Koch, Dennis; Greisiger, Heinz; Schauer, Thadeus

Benthem, Rolf van (Organizing Committee):
Coatings Science International 2012. Book of Abstracts : 25 - 29 June 2012, Nordwijk, The Netherlands
Nordwijk, 2012
Coatings Science International Conference (COSi) <8, 2012, Noordwijk>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Photodegradation; Lacksystem; Lack; Automobilindustrie; Korrosionsschutz; Oxidation

The photooxidative degradation of e-coats in different automotive multilayer coating systems was investigated by performing photooxidation index (POI) measurements using a FT-IR-microscopic device. For the photoxidation index measurements a special flat cutting was developed and the measurements were performed on the original and the corresponding weathered multicoat systems. The obtained POl results were compared with the corresponding UV-VIS-NIR transmittance and absorption data and finally the influencing parameters of photochemical degradation processes were discussed. The obtained results prove that the transmittance of UV-light is not the only important parameter which influences the degradation stability of the e-coat and thermocatalytic effects, which accelerate the photooxidation process, should be regarded.