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Local internal quantum efficiency of a green light emitting InGaN/GaN quantum well

: Danhof, J.; Schwarz, S.U.; Meyer, T.; Vierheilig, C.; Peter, M.


Physica status solidi. B 249 (2012), No.3, pp.600-603
ISSN: 0031-8957
ISSN: 0370-1972
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
efficiency droop; GaN; InGaN; photoluminescence; quantum efficiency; quantum wells

Excitation density-dependent microphotoluminescence measurements were performed on a green light (515nm) emitting InGaN/GaN multiquantum well sample of low threading dislocation density (5x10(7) cm(2)). For the observed structure we find a different shape of the local internal quantum efficiency (IQE) curve at spots of different efficiency. Evaluation of the measured local IQE curves in terms of the standard model including Shockley-Read-Hall (SRH), radiative recombination, and a third order loss term (droop) leads to the conclusion that SRH nonradiative recombination varies spatially on a sub-micrometer length scale while both other terms remain constant.