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Interferometric measurement of injection nozzles using ultra-small fiber-optical probes

: Pfeifer, T.; Schmitt, R.; König, N.; Mallmann, G.F.


Chinese optics letters : COL 9 (2011), No.7, Art. 071202
ISSN: 1671-7694
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()

The measurement of boreholes with diameters smaller than 500 m is a demanding task that cannot be performed using state-of-the-art production metrology. In this letter, a miniaturized fiber probe with a diameter of 80 m is presented. A probe is used for low-coherence interferometry to conduct highly precise measurements of form deviations of small boreholes. Measurements conducted in nozzles are also presented. The results prove the potential of the fiber-optical sensor for quality inspection of high-precision parts, such as injection nozzles, for common-rail diesel engines.