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MMIC based millimetre-wave module developments for 10-100 GHz applications

Entwicklung von MMIC basierenden Millimeterwellen-Modeulen für Anwendungen im Frequnzbereich zwischen 10 und 100 GHz
: Vizard, R.D.; Lynch, J.; Lyons, B.; Tessmann, A.; Massler, H.; Schlechtweg, M.; Narhi, T.; Lettington, A.

Mallat, J. ; European Space Agency -ESA-, Paris:
3rd ESA Workshop on Millimetre Wave Technology and Applications 2003. Circuits, Systems, and measurement techniques
Noordwijk: ESA Publications Division, 2003
Workshop on Millimetre Wave Technology and Applications <3, 2003, Espoo, Finnland>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
MMIC; millimeter-wave module; Millimeterwellen Module; runway safety; Rollfeldüberwachung; foreign object detection; Detektion von Fremdgegenständen; coplanar; koplanar; passive imager; passiv abbildende Verfahren; scanning

MMIC based mm-wave modules offer the potential for high levels of integration, improved reliability and lower production costs than their discrete component alternatives. Examples of currently realized designs for a variety of applications in the 10-100 GHz frequency band are described. These include the preliminary design and implementation of a high power W band coplanar-based custom MMIC chip set, and the development of a novel mm-wave Foreign Object Detection system to enhance runway safety.