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Investigations on hard machining of Impax Hi Hard tool steel

: Gopalsamy, B.M.; Mondal, B.; Ghosh, S.; Arntz, K.; Klocke, F.


International journal of material forming 2 (2009), No.3, pp.145-165
ISSN: 1960-6206
ISSN: 1960-6214
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()

In this paper, experimental investigations are carried out by end milling process on hardened tool steel, Impax Hi Hard (Hardness 55 HRC) a newly developed tool steel material used by tool and die making industries. Experiments are performed with an aim to study performance investigations of machining parameters such as cutting speed, feed, depth of cut and width of cut with consideration of multiple responses viz. volume of material removed, tool wear, tool life and surface finish to evaluate the performance of PVD coated carbide inserts and ball end mill cutters. It has been observed through scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffraction technique (EDX) that chipping and adhesion are active tool wear mechanisms and saw-toothed chips are formed while machining of Impax Hi Hard steel. It is also noticed out that tool life is not enhanced while machining with minimum quantity lubricant than dry machining. From the investigations, it is observed that hard machining can b e considered as an alternative to grinding and EDM, traditional methods of machining difficult-to-machine materials i.e. hardened steel with hardness greater than 50 HRC with a scope of improved productivity, increased flexibility, decreased capital expenses and reduced environmental waste.