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E-Business requires the simulation of logistics processes

: Sihn, W.; Graupner, T.-D.; Mußbach-Winter, U.; Wiedenmann, H.

Kuljanic, E. ; International Centre for Mechanical Sciences:
Advanced manufacturing systems and technology : Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference, June 2002, Udine - AMST '02
Wien: Springer, 2002 (International Centre for Mechanical Sciences . Courses and Lectures 437)
ISBN: 3-211-83689-6
International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology (AMST) <6, 2002, Udine>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
E-business; E-Service; web services; Logistik-Management; Logistic management; Simulation; Fertigung; Logistik

E-business offers the chance to open new markets for selling and buying. E-business networks include both in-plant and cross-company processes. Therefore they are marked by a high complexity and strong demands regarding the management of the network. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation developed several high-performance tools for designing and managing e-business networks. Three of these tools namely E-Simulation, E-Optimisation and the Internet-based Logistic Analysis are described in this paper. E-Simulation allows users to simulate their own scenarios via Internet and benefit from the advantages of a dynamic simulation. If required, models can be adapted to changing conditions of the production environment. E-Optimisation is an Internet sevice for the determination of otimised production schedules based on flexible optimisation algorithms. The third tool described in the paper, the Internet-based logistics analysis is an electronic service that identifies rationalisation potentials in production logistics in a fast and cost-effective way.