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Particle detection in the barrier layer production

Presentation held at Functional Polymeric Surfaces, Session on 28th of October during the fair "K 2010" in Düsseldorf
: Bürger, Frank

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2010, 14 Folien
K-Messe <2010, Düsseldorf>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Partikelscanner; Kontaminationskontrolle; Folie; particle; cleanroom; contamination control; surface; Kontamination; Teilchen; Reinraum; Oberfläche

Even under ideal process conditions particles can cause weak barrier functionality through defects in the layers.
- Particles are generated during manufacturing and processing of substrate materials.
- Particle-free confectioning of substrate material would be ideal but is not available in the market presently. However, the knowledge for suitable equipment design is available.
- For reliable process control and quality assurance an effective detection of particles is necessary. This should also be possible in-line.
- A new particle scanner with high sensitivity and very short measurement time has been developed.