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A time-place organization for a digital broad-band telecommunication supply system (optical-fibre)

: Matt, H.J.

Nachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift : NTZ 30 (1977), No.10, pp.799
ISSN: 0027-707X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
community antenna television; digital communication systems; optical fibres; optical links; time division multiplexing; tv distribution; compatibility; time place organisation; tdm; glass fibre transmission channel systems; digital broadband telecommunication system; simultaneous mixed telecommunication traffic; telephony; synchronisation

Describes the principle of a glass-fibre-transmission-channel system capable of carrying simultaneously a wide range of telecommunication services, e.g. colour TV and stereo radio, telephone and 'picture'-phone, pictorial data display. The signals are transmitted digitally with time-multiplexing, requiring 1024*64 kbit/s for colour TV distribution or only 16*64 kbit/s for stereo sound distribution. For 2-way or 'dialogue' services such as the telephone, Telex, facsimile or data services (requiring only 64 kbit/s), a second glass fibre completes the loop from main station to subscriber station and back again. Questions of synchronization and compatibility are also discusssed.