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Dielectrics for passivation of planar InP/InGaAs diodes

: Unterborsch, G.; Bach, H.G.; Schmitt, F.; Schmidt, R.; Schlaak, W.


Applied surface science 30 (1987), No.1-4, pp.76-82
ISSN: 0169-4332
International Conference on Insulating Films on Semiconductors (INFOS) <5, 1987, Leuven>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
gallium arsenide; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; passivation; photodiodes; semiconductor technology; silicon compounds; disordered dielectric-semiconductor surface; semiconductor; InGaAs photodiodes; Al2O3; SiO; Si3N4; SiO2; field-effect properties; InP diodes; reverse current densities; sio passivation; InP-InGaAsp-InGaAs; InP; InGaAs

Dielectrics were investigated for passivating planar InP or InGaAs photodiodes: thermally evaporated Al2O3 and SiO, sputtered Si3N4 and SiO2 and also SiO2 using chemical vapour deposition. The measured bulk and field-effect properties of all dielectrics excluding sputtered SiO2 were suitable for this application. In planar InGaAs diodes with Cd diffused or Mg implanted p+-region a disordered dielectric/semiconductor surface led to high reverse current densities above 1 mA/cm2. In InP diodes with p+-diffusion and dielectrics exhibiting positive flatband voltages, eg Si3N4 and Al2O3, reverse current densities of 10 mu A/cm2 were measured probably caused by a slight inversion of the semiconductor surface. With a SiO or CVD-SiO2 passivating layer on n-InP lowest leakage current densities (10 nA/cm2) were achieved. Very low dark-current planar photodiodes InP/InGaAsP/InGaAs have been fabricated using SiO passivation (30 nA/cm2).