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A digital fiber optic HDTV transmission system in Berlin

: Hofker, U.; Teich, G.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Ottawa:
Third International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems, HDTV '87. Colloquium proceedings : Ottawa, Ont., Canada, 4-8 Oct 1987
Montreal: CBC Eng., 1987
International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems (HDTV) <3, 1987, Ottawa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
computerised signal processing; high definition television; optical communication equipment; optical links; signal processing equipment; television broadcasting; television equipment; time division multiplexing; digital fibre-optic system; berlin; heinrich-hertz-institut; digital HDTV transmission trial system; optical lines; tdm baseband system; HDTV-signal processing; optical transmission techniques; coherent transmission

In the city of Berlin, the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI) has built up a digital HDTV transmission trial system with optical lines. The components of this TDM baseband system are explained and an overview is given of work by the HHI on HDTV-signal processing and optical transmission techniques (coherent transmission).