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FSK heterodyne multichannel television distribution system for 140 Mbit/s

: Westphal, F.-J.

Nachrichtentechnik, Elektronik : NE 40 (1990), No.12, pp.450-3
ISSN: 0092-668X
ISSN: 0323-4657
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cable television; digital communication systems; frequency shift keying; optical communication equipment; optical fibres; optical links; optical modulation; superheterodyne receivers; coherent optical system; cable tv; cmi coded modulation; multichannel television distribution system; optical fsk modulation; monomode optical fibres; transmitter modules; polarisation-independent monitoring unit; optical polarisation-diversity input; sensitivity; intermediate frequency linewidth; performance parameters; 140 mbit/s; 80 mhz; 11 km

A coherent, optical, multichannel television distribution system with 140 Mbit/s CMI-coded, optical FSK modulation, is described. The system is operated over 11 km monomode optical fibres. The transmitter modules are controlled via a polarisation-independent monitoring unit, using optical fibre technology. The superheterodyne receivers are equipped with an optical polarisation-diversity input. A sensitivity of -48.8 dBm is achieved, with an intermediate frequency linewidth of more than 80 MHz. System performance parameters are detected over a time-period of 54 hours.