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Ultrafast monolithically integrated InP-based photoreceiver: OEIC-design, fabrication, and system application



IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 2, (1996), No.2, pp.418-24
ISSN: 1077-260X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
HEMT integrated circuits; high-speed optical techniques; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; integrated circuit design; integrated circuit packaging; integrated optoelectronics; optical design techniques; optical fabrication; optical noise; optical receivers; p-i-n photodiodes; sensitivity; time division multiplexing; ultrafast monolithically integrated InP-based photoreceiver; oeic-design; optical waveguide-fed pin-photodiode; system application; InP-based photoreceiver oeic; receiver design; receiver fabrication; coplanar traveling-wave amplifier; GaInAs-AlInAs-InP-HEMT's; external quantum efficiency; db power bandwidth; gate length; semi-insulating optical waveguide layers; cutoff frequencies; zero gate bias; traveling-wave amplifiers; receiver oeic packaging; fiber pigtail; gb/s transmission system; overall system sensitivity; signal transmission; dispersion shifted fiber; 1.55 mum; 27 GHz; 30 percent; 35 GHz; 0.7 mum; 20 Gbit/s; 198 km; InP; GaInAs-AlInAs-InP

An InP-based photoreceiver OEIC for lambda =1.55 mu m with a bandwidth of 27 GHz is reported. The receiver design, fabrication and characterization is presented. The device consists of an optical waveguide-fed pin-photodiode and a coplanar traveling-wave amplifier being composed of four GaInAs-AlInAs-InP-HEMT's. The photodiode exhibits an external quantum efficiency of 30% and a 3-dB power bandwidth of 35 GHz. HEMT's with 0.7- mu m gate length, integrated on semi-insulating optical waveguide layers show cutoff frequencies fT/fmax of 37/100 GHz at zero gate bias. Traveling-wave amplifiers with 0.5- mu m gate HEMT's have 28-GHz bandwidth. The receiver OEIC is packaged into a module with fiber pigtail and operates successfully within an SDH based 20-Gb/s transmission system. An overall system sensitivity of -30.5 dBm was achieved at a BER=10-9 after signal transmission over 198-km dispersion shifted fiber.