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Surface preparation for molecular beam epitaxy-regrowth on metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy grown InP and InGaAsP layers

: Passenberg, W.; Schlaak, W.


Journal of Crystal Growth 173 (1997), No.3-4, pp.266-70
ISSN: 0022-0248
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
etching; gallium arsenide; gallium compounds; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; molecular beam epitaxial growth; oxidation; reflection high energy electron diffraction; semiconductor epitaxial layers; semiconductor growth; semiconductor thin films; surface cleaning; movpe grown films; mbe regrowth; surface preparation; epitaxial growth performance; surface treatment; chemical etching; sulphuric acid based solution; surface oxidation; uv light ozone exposure; film thickness; rheed; 1.06 microns; 500 c; inp; InGaAsP

MBE regrowth on MOVPE grown InP and InGaAsP (1.06 mu m) layers was found to demand appropriate surface treatment for not sacrificing epitaxial growth performance. Wet chemical etching using a sulphuric acid based solution as well as surface oxidation using UV light/ozone exposure were found to give very satisfactory and basically equivalent results. Particularly with the quaternary material, both methods prove to be destructive in that a non-neglible amount of material is removed from the surface. The removed thickness tends, however, to be smaller with the UV/ozone based process, an advantage, which becomes especially apparent in the presence of lower band gap InGaAs(P) layers which are strongly attacked by the sulphuric acid etchant.