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Optical add/drop multiplexers for WDM communication systems

: Venghaus, H.; Gladisch, A.; Joergensen, B.F.; Jouanno, J.-M.; Kristensen, M.; Pedersen, R.J.; Testa, F.; Trommer, D.; Weber, J.P.


IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society; IEEE Communications Society; Optical Society of America -OSA-, Washington/D.C.:
Conference on Optical Fiber Communications 1997. Technical digest. Postconference edition : February 16 - 21, 1997, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
Washington, DC: OSA, 1997 (OSA Technical digest series 1997,6)
ISBN: 1-557-52480-7
ISBN: 1-557-52481-5
ISBN: 0-7803-3860-X
ISBN: 0-7803-3861-8
ISBN: 1-557-52485-8
Conference on Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) <20, 1997, Dallas/Tex.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
diffraction gratings; mach-zehnder interferometers; multiplexing equipment; optical communication equipment; optical directional couplers; optical fibre couplers; optical fibre networks; optical planar waveguides; wavelength division multiplexing; wdm communication systems; optical add/drop multiplexers; optical communication systems; capacity enhancement; network survivability; fast reconfiguration; arrayed waveguides; bragg gratings; fibers; SiO2/Si waveguides; advanced InP-based interferometric structures; grating-assisted couplers; cascading; recirculating loop; apodized gratings; mach-zehnder interferometer; 10 Gbit/s; SiO2-Si; InP

Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is currently introduced worldwide into existing optical communication systems for capacity enhancement. OADM (optical add/drop multiplex) nodes are key elements of such systems, assuring network survivability by fast reconfiguration and enabling add/drop of WDM channels. OADM nodes comprising a variety of different OADM devices are developed within the ACTS project METON (Metropolitan Optical Network) for operation and comparative analysis in the Stockholm Gigabit Network. The paper will compare various OADM devices, highlight recent achievements, and discuss the potential and the limitations of the different approaches. The presentation comprises arrayed waveguides, Bragg gratings in fibers and in SiO2/Si waveguides, advanced InP-based interferometric structures and grating-assisted couplers. The advanced approaches will be discussed in detail and their characteristics will be compared to that of standard, commercially available OADMs such as Fabry-Perot interferometers or bulk optics. Cascading of SiO2/Si arrayed waveguide WDMs with a -3-dB passband of 1 nm has been tested in a recirculating loop at 10 Gbit/s. More than 40 WDMs could be passed before a significant penalty was introduced.