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PGSS - the innovative production of fluid-filled microcapsules

: Wendt, T.; Brandin, G.; Weidner, E.; Petermann, M.

Gani, R. ; European Federation of Chemical Engineering -EFCE-:
ECCE-6, European Congress of Chemical Engineering 2007. Book of abstracts. Vol.2 : Copenhagen, 16 - 20 September, 2007; EFCE event number 669
Lyngby: Technical University of Denmark, Department of Chemical Engineering, 2007
ISBN: 978-87-91435-56-0
European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE) <6, 2007, Copenhagen>
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
powder production; high pressure; spray process; microencapsulation; food; Pulverherstellung; Hochdruck; Sprühverfahren; Mikroverkapselung; Nahrung

The PGSS (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions) process is suitable for the micronisation of several substances and various polymers. With a copule of investigations it was shown that fine powders with different morphologies can be manufactured. Aim of this investigation was the production of powdery food products using the PGSS process. In the context of this work 165 experiments with the model system palm fat/water, castor fat/water and PEG 6000/rapeseed oil were used to determine the interdependencies between process parameters of the PGSS process and particle and powder properties on the other hand. The aim was to investigate important influences on product specific characteristics. Afterwards, the knowledge obtained with the model systems was applied for the production of fluid-filled micro powderous composites for the food industry. Here, special attention was put on the influence of the process parameters on particle size and bulk density. The evaluation of the three model systems showed that the PGSS process is suitable for the production of powderous composites with variable characteristics. The particles can be adjusted by the process parameters in bulk density, particle size distribution and morphology.