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Growth and layer structure optimization of 2.26 µm (AlGaIn)(AsSb) diode lasers for room temperature operation

Wachstum und Schichtstrukturoptimierung von 2.26 µm (AlGaIn)(asSb) Laserdioden für Raumtemperaturbetrieb
: Simanowski, S.; Mermelstein, C.; Walther, M.; Herres, N.; Kiefer, R.; Rattunde, M.; Schmitz, J.; Wagner, J.; Weimann, G.


Journal of Crystal Growth 227-228 (2001), pp.595-599
ISSN: 0022-0248
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
molecular beam epitaxy; antimonide; semiconducting III-V material; semiconducting quaternary alloy; laser diode; Molekularstrahlepitaxie; III-V Halbleiter; quaternary alloy; quaternäre Legierung

The optimization of MBE growth conditions and layer structures for room temperature operation of 2.26 mu m AlGaAsSb/GalnAsSb laser structures is investigated. Index guided triple quantum well large optical cavity diode lasers with 64 mu m x 1000 mu m cavities and high reflection/antireflection coated facets reveal a cw output power of 350 mW at T = 280 K. An internal quantum efficiency eta(i) of 69 %, internal losses chi(i) of 7.7 cm(exp -1) and a threshold current density for infinite cavity length of 144 A/cm2 are obtained for this structure.