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Basic concepts to define a customized quality assurance strategy

: Denger, Christian; Elberzhager, Frank

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Kaiserslautern, 2007, VII, 42 S. : Ill., Lit.
IESE-Report, 013.07/E
Reportnr.: 013.07/E
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IESE ()
LifeCycleQM; quality assurance process; quality assurance heuristics; planning; influence factor; variation factor; guideline; IBS AG

Quality assurance is important in every development project. To plan quality assurance activities over the whole development cycle, a framework was developed in a former work package of the LifeCycleQM project which guides quality managers in planning quality assurance activities. This report presents a planning process that uses the general customization framework in terms of influence and variation factors as well as heuristics. The complete process is flexible enough to instantiate it in different contexts and for different roles. Furthermore, guidance how to gather the project / development context is given in order to systematically customize a quality assurance strategy.

1 Introduction S.1-2
2 The Planning Process S.3-6
- 2.1 Conceptual Ideas S.3-6
Table of Contents S.7-17
- 2.2 The structured Planning Process S.8-17
- 2.2.1 Step 1: Determine influence factors S.11
- 2.2.2 Step 2: Determine QA-Strategies S.12-13
- 2.2.3 Step 3: Evaluate QA-Strategies S.13
- 2.2.4 Step 4: Select QA-Strategy S.14
- 2.2.5 Step 5: Fine-Tuning of QA-Techniques S.15
- 2.2.6 Step 6: Measure & Analyze Effects of QA techniques S.16-17
3 Guidance for Different Roles S.18-24
4 Guidelines on Using Framework Influence Factors S.25-37
5 Summary and Future Work S.38-40
References S.41