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Synthesis of vertical aligned carbon nanotubes as electrodes for energy storage and conversion

: Dörfler, Susanne
: Althues, Holger; Kaskel, Stefan

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Dresden, 2012, 189 S.
Dresden, TU, Diss., 2012
Fraunhofer IWS ()
carbon nanotubes

I Introduction and Motivation 10
II Theoretical Aspects
1. Carbon Nanotubes
2. Carbon Nanotube Synthesis via chemical vapor Deposition (CVD)
3. Up-Scaling of VA-CNT Synthesis
4. Substrate-based VA-CNTs as electrode in supercap application
5. Patterning of VA-CNT films
6. Substrate-based VA-CNTS for cathodes in Li/S-batteries
7. Characterization methods
8. X-ray powder diffraction
III Experimental
1. Types of substrates
2. Catalyst and buffer layer preparation
3. Investigation of catalyst layer thicknesses by AFM
4. X-ray powder diffraction patterns
5. Equipment for CVD process
6. Characterization methods of the resulting CNT films
7. Preparation of CNT/Sulfur composite electrodes
8. Electrochemical Characterization
9. PT-Deposition and transfer to nafion membrane
10. Direct and indirect patterning of VA-CNT films
IV Results and Discussion
1. Structural Investigations of the CNT films
2. Scale-up of VA-CNT growth by a quasi continuous
3. Application of the substrate based VA CNT layers
V Summary and Outlook