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Evaluation of Science and Technology in the New Europe. Proceedings of an International Conference

7 and 8 June 1999, Berlin
: Bührer, S.; Kuhlmann, S.
: Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie -BMBF-, Bonn; European Commission, Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development

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Bonn: BMBF, 1999, 209 S.
International Conference "Evaluation of Science and Technology in the New Europe" <1999, Berlin>
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Contents S.I-VI
Opening Session S.1-8
- Introductory Remarks: Evaluation of Science and Technology in the New Europe ( Richard Escritt) S.3-4
- Evaluation of Science and Technology in the New Europe (Erika Rost ) S.5-7
Key Note Speeches: Maximising Return on Investment: A European RTD Challenge S.9-58
- Facilitating Change in the German Research System: Capabilities, Collaboration, and Competition (Wilhelm Krull) S.11-21
- Maximizing Return on Investment: A European RTD Challenge: Some Comments and Suggestions (Antoni Kuklinski) S.23-27
- How to create an Evaluation Culture S.29-54
- Creating an Anglo-Saxon Innovation Culture (John M. Barber) S.30
- Chairman's Opening Remarks (Tony Mayer) S.31-43
- French Culture (Rémi Barré) S.43-47
- Finnish (Nordic) Culture (Terttu Luukkonen) S.49-54
- Evaluation in the Context of the Fifth EU RTD Framework Programme S.55-58
- Chairman's Opening Remarks (José Vianna Baptista) S.57-58
EU RTD Programmes Impact/Results Assessment: A Manifold Task in a Complex System (Y. Dumont, L. Durieux, I. Karatzas, L. O'Sullivan, H. Teuber, G. Stroud, G. Fayl) S.59-209
- Evaluation as an ongoing Process - the View of a Practitioner (Niels Busch) S.70-73
- Impact Assessment: Limits and Possibilities (Angelo Airaghi) S.74-77
- After Dinner Speech S.79-84
- The Berlin Science Landscape (Ingolf Hertel) S.81-84
- East-West Co-operation in the Field of Evaluation: Major Recent Experiences S.85-104
- Chairman's Opening Remarks (Norbert Kroo) S.87-88
- Czech Republic & the European Science Foundation (Peter Dukes) S.89-91
- The Impact of Evaluation on Formation of R&D Policy in the Baltic States (Helle Martinson) S.93-94
- The Impact of Evaluation on Formation of R&D Policy in the Baltic States (Carl-Olof Jacobson) S.95-102
- Evaluation of the EU Programmes and Cooperation with EU Partner's Impact on Innovation within Romanian Firms (Steliana Sandu) S.103-104
- Round Table I: Mutual Learning in Evaluation East/ West S.105-124
- Hungarian Experiences with Applied R&D Project and S.107
- Evaluating RTDI in the Cohesion Countries: Relevant Findings Programme Evaluation (Tomás Balogh) S.107-109
- The Slovenian Point of View (Edvard Kobal) S.111-114
- Learning by Doing Evaluation: The relevant Approach in Transition Context (Kostadinka Simeonova) S.115-118
- Evaluating RTDI in the Cohesion Countries: Relevant Findings for Future Support (Lena Tsipouri) S.119-124
- Towards Integration of Evaluation in RTD Policy-making S.125-145
- Societal Challenges for Evaluation (Arie Rip) S.127-131
- Accountability to the Public and Value-for-Money (Luke Georghiou) S.133-135
- Distributed Intelligence for Innovation Policy Planning: Integrating Evaluation, Foresight and Technology Assessment (Stefan Kuhlmann) S.137-145
- Round Table II: Mutual Learning in Evaluation of Science & Education S.147-154
- New Challenges for the Evolution of Academic Research Systems Four Hypotheses on the Evaluation of Academic Research S.149-154
- Main Points of Intervention at Round Table II (Inge Knudsen) S.155
- Mutal Learning: Evaluation of Science & Education S.157-159
- Evaluation and Accreditation of Science and Higher Education in Slovakia (Pavol Návrat) S.161-162
- General Conclusions S.163-170
- Concluding Remarks I (Manfred Horvat) S.165-168
- Concluding Remarks II (Enric Banda) S.169-170
- Closing of Conference S.171-173
- Evaluation of Science and Technology in the new Europe: Towards a European Evaluation Culture (Gilbert Fayl) S.173
- Further Contributions S.175-209
- The New Face of Science and R&D Evaluation in the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Ladislav Pivec) S.177-181
- Evaluation of Science and Technology in Slovenia: Present and Future (Dasa Bole-Kosmac) S.181-184
- Comments on Selection Criteria for EU Research (Angelos Manglis) S.185
- Contribution to Round Table I (Christian Dambrine) S.187
- Evaluation in the Romanian Academy (Ionel Haiduc) S.189
- Assessment in Science and Science Assessment (Ladislav Tondl) S.191-209