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Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems. Annual Report 2017/2018

: Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme -IKTS-, Dresden

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Created on: 17.4.2018

Dresden: Fraunhofer IKTS, 2018, 72 pp.
Annual Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

Fraunhofer IKTS in profile // Cover / Table of content / Portrait / Fraunhofer IKTS in figures / Organizational chart / Board of trustees / The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft / Retrospective / Hightlights from our business divisions // Business division: Materials and Processes // ZrC materials for ultra-high-temperature applications up to 2000°C / Additive manufacturing of ceramic parts through fused-filament-fabrication (FFF) / Reaction-bonded ZrO2 ceramic foams - high-strength, heat-stable, cost-efficient / High-purity MgO tapes as sintering aid for MIEC ceramic flat membranes / Shaping of MOFS through powder-technological processes / Silicon carbide-bonded diamond materials with highest wear resistance / Surface-conformal powder coating using ALD and CVD processes / Core-shell coating for improved hardness and strength of ZTA ceramics // Business division: Mechanical and automotive engineering // Ceramic suspensions for abrasion and corrosion protection coatings / Pastes for laser-sintered functional layers on 3D steel components // Business division: Electronics and microsystems // Limiting current type oxygen sensor for industrial applications / Model-based design of fast-switching solid-state actuators for valves / Reliability assesment of 28-NM SRAM cells with applied mechanical load / Compact PTC heaters made of foam ceramics / Ceramic-integrated miniaturized coils for speed measurement in turbochargers // Business division: Energy // Corrosion protection coatings for ceramic fiber composite materials / Materials and process development for LATP-based all-solid-state batteries / Optimized ceramic receivers for solar-thermal power plants / Braze development for high-temperature-stable ceramic composites / Cells and stacks for the production of Syngas through CO-Electrolysis // Business division: Environmental and process engineering // FISCHER-TROPSCH synthesis-Development of selective catalysts and processes / Highly dynamic microwave heating of reactors / Materials for electrochemical degradation of pharmaceutical residues in water / Recycling of rare metals with ceramic membranes / Increased product yield through the use of membrane reactors / Thin supported membrane layers for oxygen generators / Palladium membranes for H2 separation from hot and humid gases // Business division: Bio- and medical technology // Theranostic implants - smart functionalization and monitoring / In vitro test methods for the biological evaluation of ceramic materials / 1-3 Piezocomposites for high-frequency ultrasonic transducers // Business division: Optics // Hermetically sealed ceramic LED package for lightning in harsh environments // Business division: Materials and process analysis // Characterization of temperature-dependent electrical resistance up to 1400°C / Modeling of sintering processes / Monitoring of laser narrow-gap wieldings of thick-walled components / Correlation of friction coefficient and crystallographic orientation / Characterization of organic thin films at the nanoscale with LVSEM // Epilougue // Cooperation in groups alliances and networks / Names, Dates, Events / Prospects / How to reach us at Fraunhofer IKTS / Editorial notes /