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Fraunhofer-Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik. Annual Report 2000/2001

: Jansky, I.; Badawy, D.; Dahmen, J.-H.; Gabler, C.; Ruske, A.; Szostak, K.; Walter, R.; Zurwehn, V.
: Fraunhofer-Institut für Software und Systemtechnik -ISST-, Berlin

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Berlin: ISST, 2001, 42 pp.
Electronic Publication, Annual Report
Fraunhofer ISST ()

Teaching and Management for Changing Attitudes S.7-11
- New Concepts for Education S.10
- ISST Strategy: Knowledge on Demand S.11
Projects and Applications S.12-16
- Internet Inside Technology - Basis for the Teachpad® S.12
- Workflow-Embedded Training in the IT Sector (APO) S.13
- Teachware on Demand S.14
- LOOK - Knowledge Management through Groupware S.15-16
Profile of the Institute S.17
Institute Statistics S.18-19
Our Locations S.20-21
Our Business Areas S.22-23
- Electronic Business Services S.22
- Business Communication S.22
- Mobile Computing Solutions S.23
- Technical Systems Management S.23
Our Competences S.24-30
- Internet/Intranet Technology and Management Department S.24
- Software Engineering Department S.25
- Process Management Department S.26
- Information Services Department S.27
- Information Management Department S.28
- Dependable Systems Department S.29-30
- Basic Research in the Department Computation and Information Structures S.30
Our Range of Research and Services Offered S.31-34
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft S.35
Addresses and Directions S.36-37
Postal Service S.38
Imprint S.39
Organization and contact S.40