Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Advanced Urban Public Transportation System for Indian Scenarios
Rajput, P.; Chaturvedi, M.; Patel, P.
2019Blockchain-Based SLA Management in the Context of IoT
Alzubaidi, A.; Solaiman, E.; Patel, P.; Mitra, K.
2019Detection and Analysis of Tor Onion Services
Steinebach, Martin; Schäfer, Marcel; Karakuz, Alexander; Brandl, Katharina; Yannikos, York
2019How to trick the Borg: Threat models against manual and automated techniques for detecting network attacksks
Sabottke, C.; Chen, D.; Layman, L.; Dumitraş, T.
2018Automated specification extraction and analysis with specstractor
Schulze, C.; Cleaveland, R.; Lindvall, M.
2018End-to-End Service Level Agreement Specification for IoT Applications
Alqahtani, A.; Li, Y.; Patel, P.; Solaiman, E.; Ranjan, R.
2018From raw data to smart manufacturing: AI and semantic web of things for industry 4.0
Patel, P.; Ali, M.I.; Sheth, A.
2018A metamorphic testing approach to NASA GMSEC's flexible publish and subscribe functionality
Rothermel, J.; Lindvall, M.; Porter, A.; Bjorgvinsson, S.
2018Preface of SWeTI 2018: Semantic web of things for industry 4.0
Ali, M.I.; Patel, P.; Sheth, A.; Thakker, D.
Elektronische Publikation, Konferenzbeitrag
2017Are delayed issues harder to resolve? Revisiting cost-to-fix of defects throughout the lifecycle
Menzies, T.; Nichols, W.; Shull, F.; Layman, L.
2017Less is more: Minimizing code reorganization using XTREE
Krishna, R.; Menzies, T.; Layman, L.
2017Metamorphic model-based testing of autonomous systems
Lindvall, M.; Porter, A.; Magnusson, G.; Schulze, C.
2017Safety-focused security requirements elicitation for medical device software
Lindvall, M.; Diep, M.; Klein, M.; Jones, P.; Zhang, Y.; Vasserman, E.
2016Agile metamorphic model-based testing
Lindvall, M.; Ganesan, D.; Bjorgvinsson, S.; Jonsson, K.; Logason, H.S.; Dietrich, F.; Wiegand, R.E.
2016Developing a value-based methodology for satisfying NASA software assurance requirements
Port, D.; Wilf, J.; Diep, M.; Seaman, C.; Feather, M.
2016Experience Report: Model-based test automation of a concurrent flight software bus
Ganesan, D.; Lindvall, M.; Hafsteinsson, S.; Cleaveland, R.; Strege, S.L.; Moleski, W.
2016Model-based testing of mobile systems - an empirical study on QuizUp Android app
Gudmundsson, V.; Lindvall, M.; Aceto, L.; Bergthorsson, J.; Ganesan, D.
2016Topic modeling of NASA space system problem reports. Research in practice
Layman, L.; Nikora, A.P.; Meek, J.; Menzies, T.
2015Applying Software Data Analysis in Industry Contexts: When Research Meets Reality
Diep, M.; Esker, L.; Falessi, D.; Layman, L.; Shaw, M.; Shull, F.
Aufsatz in Buch
2015Ask the engineers: Exploring repertory grids and personal constructs for software data analysis
Layman, L.; Seaman, C.; Falessi, D.; Diep, M.
2015Evidence management for compliance of critical systems with safety standards
Nair, S.; Vara, J.L. de la; Sabetzadeh, M.; Falessi, D.
2015Metamorphic model-based testing applied on NASA DAT - an experience report
Lindvall, M.; Ganesan, D.; Ardal, R.; Wiegand, R.E.
2015Model generation to support model-based testing applied on the NASA DAT Web-application - An experience report
Schulze, C.; Lindvall, M.; Bjorgvinsson, S.; Wiegand, R.
2015Model-based testing of NASA’s GMSEC, a reusable framework for ground system software
Gudmundsson, V.; Schulze, C.; Ganesan, D.; Lindvall, M.; Wiegand, R.
2015Security assurance cases for medical cyber-physical systems
Ray, A.; Cleaveland, R.
2015Seeking meaningful measures for COTS-intensive system development
Esker, L.; Diep, M.; Herman, F.