Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Fast Numerical Power Loss Calculation for High-Frequency Litz Wires
Ehrlich, S.; Rossmanith, H.; Sauer, M.; Joffe, C.; März, M.
Journal Article
2021Fully convolutional networks for chip-wise defect detection employing photoluminescence images
Stern, M.L.; Schellenberger, M.
Journal Article
2021Intrinsic nano-diffusion-couple for studying high temperature diffusion in multi-component superalloys
Eggeler, Yolita; Kubacka, Dorota; Pichler, Peter; Wu, Mingjian; Spiecker, Erdmann
Journal Article
2021Lifetime limiting defects in 4H-SiC epitaxial layers: The influence of substrate originated defects
Erlekampf, Jürgen; Rommel, Mathias; Rosshirt-Lilla, Katharina; Kallinger, Birgit; Berwian, Patrick; Friedrich, Jochen; Erlbacher, Tobias
Journal Article
2021Smart Platform for Rapid Prototyping: Solutions in the Dilemma of Flexibility and Standardization
Anger, Sabrina; Klingert, Felix; Häublein, Volker; Pfeffer, Markus; Schellenberger, Martin
Conference Paper
2020A 4H-SiC UV Phototransistor with Excellent Optical Gain Based on Controlled Potential Barrier
Benedetto, L. di; Licciardo, G.D.; Erlbacher, T.; Bauer, A.J.; Rubino, A.
Journal Article
2020Active common-mode filter for capacitive-coupled isolated signalling
Angerer Martin; Schwanninger Raffael; März, Martin
Journal Article
2020Advanced Simulations on Laser Annealing: Explosive Crystallization and Phonon Transport Corrections
Sciuto, Alberto; Deretzis, Ioannis; Fisicaro, Giuseppe; Lombardo, Salvatore F.; Magna, Antonino la; Grimaldi, Maria Grazia; Huet, Karim; Lespinasse, Bobby; Verstraete, Armand; Curvers, Benoit; Bejenari, Igor; Burenkov, Alexander; Pichler, Peter
Conference Paper
2020Advancing the sensitivity of integrated epoxy-based Bragg grating refractometry by high-index nanolayers
Hessler, Steffen; Knopf, Stefan; Rommel, Mathias; Girschikofsky, Maiko; Schmauss, Bernhard; Hellmann, Ralf
Journal Article
2020Advantages and challenges of using sic mosfets in a high power density insulated hv/lv dc/dc converter
Zeltner, S.; Seliger, B.; Haager, D.; Eckardt, B.; Bach, L.; Yu, Z.; Vater, S.; Bayer, C.F.; Schletz, A.; Umeda, H.; Morita, T.
Conference Paper
2020Application of response surface methodology for optimization of Ag-Ag Direct Bonding for Wafer-Level Power Electronics Packaging
Yu, Zechun; Zeng, Weijian; Bayer, Christoph Friedrich; Schletz, Andreas; März, Martin
Conference Paper
2020Beyond SIC Power Devices and Technology - Novel High Temperature SIC CMOS 1 Micron Technology
Erlbacher, T.
2020Characterization of Silicon Crystals Grown from Melt in a Granulate Crucible
Dadzis, K.; Menzel, R.; Juda, U.; Irmscher, K.; Kranert, C.; Müller, M.; Ehrl, M.; Weingärtner, R.; Reimann, C.; Abrosimov, N.; Riemann, H.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2020Combined experimental and numerical approach for investigating the mechanical degradation of the interface between thin film metallization and Si-substrate after temperature cycling test
Zhao, Dawei; Letz, Sebastian; Yu, Zechun; Schletz, Andreas; März, Martin
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2020A Compact SiC Power Module for Vienna Rectifiers with Bus-bar like Structure
Zhao, C.; Wang, L.; Yang, F.; Zhang, H.; Gan, Y.; Bayer, Christoph Friedrich
Conference Paper
2020Comprehensive accuracy examination of electrical power loss measurements of inductive components for frequencies up to 1 MHz
Stolzke, T.; Ehrlich, S.; Joffe, C.; März, M.
Journal Article
2020Depth Profiling of Ion-Implanted 4H-SiC Using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy
Song, Ying; Xu, Zongwei; Liu, Tao; Rommel, Mathias; Wang, Hong; Wang, Yufang; Fang, Fengzhou
Journal Article
2020Shape Optimization of a Pin Fin Heat Sink
Menrath, T.; Rosskopf, A.; Simon, F.B.; Groccia, M.; Schuster, S.
Conference Paper