Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021High-performance Adaptive Texture Streaming and Rendering of Large 3D Cities
Zhang, Alex; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius
Journal Article
2020Data-driven, Context-aware Human Fatigue Management in Traffic Control Centers
Li, Fan
: Chen, Chun-Hsien; Khoo, Li Pheng
2020High Performance Texture Streaming and Rendering of Large Textured 3D Cities
Zhang, Alex; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius
Conference Paper
2019Influence of ship design and operational factors on human performance and evaluation of effects and sensitivity using risk models
Endrina, N.; Konovessis, D.; Sourina, O.; Krishnan, G.
Journal Article
2019One class based feature learning approach for defect detection using deep autoencoders
Mujeeb, A.; Dai, W.; Erdt, M.; Sourin, A.
Journal Article
2019Proactive mental fatigue detection of traffic control operators using bagged trees and gaze-bin analysis
Li, Fan; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Xu, Gangyan; Khoo, Li Pheng; Liu, Yisi
Journal Article
2019There Goes Your PIN Exploiting Smartphone Sensor Fusion Under Single and Cross User Setting
Berend, D.; Bhasin, S.; Jungk, B.
Conference Paper
2018OR 2.0 Context-Aware Operating Theaters, Computer Assisted Robotic Endoscopy, Clinical Image-Based Procedures, and Skin Image Analysis
: Stoyanov, Danail (Editor); Taylor, Zaike (Editor); Sarikaya, Duygu (Editor); McLeod, Jonathan (Editor); González Ballester, Miguel Angel (Editor); Codella, Noel C.F. (Editor); Martel, Anne (Editor); Maier-Hein, Lena (Editor); Malpani, Anand (Editor); Zenati, Marco A. (Editor); Ribaupierre, Sandrine de (Editor); Xiongbiao, Luo (Editor); Collins, Toby (Editor); Reichl, Tobias (Editor); Drechsler, Klaus (Editor); Erdt, Marius (Editor); Linguraru, Marius George (Editor); Oyarzun Laura, Cristina (Editor); Shekhar, Raj (Editor); Wesarg, Stefan (Editor); Celebi, M. Emre (Editor); Dana, Kristin (Editor); Halpern, Allan (Editor)
Conference Proceedings
2018XMSS and Embedded Systems. XMSS Hardware Accelerators for RISC-V
Wang, Wen; Jungk, Bernhard; Wälde, Julian; Deng, Shuwen; Gupta, Naina; Szefer, Jakub; Niederhagen, Ruben