Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Biomimetic design and laser additive manufacturing - A perfect symbiosis?
Gralow, M.; Weigand, F.; Herzog, D.; Wischeropp, T.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2020Factors influencing powder-properties of TiAl6V4 along the L-PBF process chain
Matthes, S.; Kluge, M.; Jahn, S.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2020Feasibility study on piston-based feedstock fabrication with Ti-6Al-4V metal injection molding feedstock
Waalkes, L.; Längerich, J.; Holbe, F.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2020Improvement of Fatigue Strength in Lightweight Selective Laser Melted Alloys by In-Situ and Ex-Situ Composition and Heat Treatment
Awd, M.; Johannsen, J.; Chan, T.; Merghany, M.; Emmelmann, C.; Walther, F.
Conference Paper
2020Three-Dimensional Optical Scanning in Post-kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis (PKDL)
Zijlstra, E.E.; Liberton, N.; Musa, A.M.; Slaa, S. te; Wolff, J.
Journal Article
20193D/6D calibration and real-time focus shift compensation for automated 30 kW laser remote scanner
Cerwenka, G.; Wollnack, J.; Krähling, T.; Jayaprakash, R.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2019Biomechanical performance of cranial implants with different thicknesses and material properties: A finite element study
Marcián, P.; Narra, N.; Borák, L.; Chamrad, J.; Wolff, J.
Journal Article
2019Effect of infrared laser surface treatment on the morphology and adhesive properties of scarfed CFRP surfaces
Harder, S.; Schmutzler, H.; Hergoss, P.; Freese, J. de; Holtmannspötter, J.; Fiedler, B.
Journal Article
2019Future AM. Die nächste Generation additiver Fertigungsverfahren
Schleifenbaum, Johannes Henrich; Tenbrock, C.; Emmelmann, Claus; Leyens, Christoph; Brückner, Frank; Michaelis, Alexander
Book Article
2019Industrial 3D printing for modern machine and handling systems - Potential and solutions
Gorn, M.; Cerwenka, G.; Gralow, M.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2019Laser Metal Deposition of Titanium Parts with Increased Productivity
Prakash, V.J.; Möller, M.; Weber, J.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2019Measurement of actual powder layer height and packing density in a single layer in selective laser melting
Wischeropp, T.M.; Emmelmann, C.; Brandt, M.; Pateras, A.
Journal Article
2019Novel approach to optimized support structures in laser beam melting by combining process simulation with topology optimization
Bartsch, K.; Lange, F.; Gralow, M.; Emmelmann, C.
Journal Article
2019Segmentation of dental cone-beam CT scans affected by metal artifacts using a mixed-scale dense convolutional neural network
Minnema, J.; Eijnatten, M. van; Hendriksen, A.A.; Liberton, N.; Pelt, D.M.; Batenburg, K.J.; Forouzanfar, T.; Wolff, J.
Journal Article
2019Very high-cycle fatigue properties and microstructural damage mechanisms of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg alloy
Awd, M.; Siddique, S.; Johannsen, J.; Emmelmann, C.; Walther, F.
Journal Article