Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Influences of Manufacturing Sequences for the Application of Printed Electronics on Aircraft Interior Components
Ischdonat, N.; Dreyer, C.; Gräf, D.; Franke, J.; Hörber, J.; Hedges, M.
Conference Paper
2017Influence of silica nanoparticles on optical properties of waveguiding polymers
Goldenberg, L.; Köhler, M.; Kahle, O.; Dreyer, C.
2016Neues Forschungsprojekt zur Funktionserweiterung von Verkleidungselementen für Flugzeugkabinen
Hedges, Martin; Ischdonat, Nils; Reitberger, Thomas; Gräf, Daniel
Journal Article
2016Second life for aircraft cabins: Chemical recycling of fiber-reinforced thermosetting composites
Ischdonat, Nils; Setzer, Andreas; Braune, Christian; Söthje, Dominik; Dreyer, Christian
Journal Article
2016Zweites Leben für Flugzeugkabinen. Chemisches Recycling duromerbasierter faserverstärkter Kunststoffe
Ischdonat, Nils; Setzer, Andreas; Braune, Christian; Söthje, Dominik; Dreyer, Christian
Journal Article
2015Chemisch abbaubares Epoxidharzsystem
Söthje, Dominik; Dreyer, Christian; Bauer, Monika
2015Chiral dopants derived from ephedrine/pseudoephedrine: Structure and medium effects on the helical twisting power
Bauer, M.; Hartmann, L.; Kleinpeter, E.; Kuschel, F.; Pithart, C.; Weissflog, W.
Journal Article
2015Cure monitoring of infusion resins by broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS)
McHugh, Jarlath; Pithart, Cornelia; Stark, Wolfgang; Hartmann, Lutz
Conference Paper
2015Innovative equipment concepts for coating of composite products with duroplastic and thermoplastic adhesives
Michels, L.; Dreyer, C.; Steffen, S.; Bauer, M.
Conference Paper
2015Kontinuierlich herstellbares Kernmaterial zur Funktionsintegration in Sandwichbauteilen: Noppenwabe als Kernmaterial
Gerber, N.; Dreyer, C.; Bauer, M.
Journal Article
2015Response of plasma-polymerized hexamethydisiloxane films to aqueous environments
Blanchard, N.E.; Naik, V.V.; Geue, T.; Kahle, O.; Hegemann, D.; Heuberger, M.
Journal Article
2015Thermosets 2015 - From monomers to components
: Bauer, Monika (Hrsg.)
Conference Proceedings
2014Chiral induction in liquid crystals with dopants derived from 1-phenyl-2-aminoalcohols
Kuschel, F.; Hartmann, L.; Bauer, M.; Weissflog, W.
Journal Article
2014Einfach zu reparierende Duromermatrix
Söthje, D.; Braune, C.; Dreyer, C.; Bauer, M.
Journal Article
2014Enhanced elasticity in parylene thin films by copolymerization approach
Galeotti, F.; Andicsova, A.; Bertini, F.; Laux, E.; Hartmann, L.; Khale, O.; Damsir, H.; Porzio, W.; Stoppini, L.; Keppner, H.; Botta, C.
Journal Article
2014Fire-retardant hybrid thermosetting resins from unsaturated polyesters and polysilazanes
Steffen, S.; Bauer, M.; Decker, D.; Richter, F.
Journal Article
2014Herstellung neuer polymerer Werkstoffe aus Recyclingprodukten
Söthje, D.; Dreyer, C.; Bauer, M.
Journal Article
2014Innovative Phase Change Material (PCM) for heat storage for industrial applications
Kenfack, F.; Bauer, M.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014Photochemical approach to high-barrier films for the encapsulation of flexible laminary electronic devices
Prager, L.; Helmstedt, U.; Herrnberger, H.; Kahle, O.; Kita, F.; Münch, M.; Pender, A.; Prager, A.; Gerlach, J.W.; Stasiak, M.
Journal Article
2014Progress in Recycling of Composites with Polycyanurate Matrix
Dreyer, C.; Söthje, D.; Bauer, M.
Journal Article