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2020Comparing datasets of volume servers to illuminate their energy use in data centers
Fuchs, H.; Shehabi, A.; Ganeshalingam, M.; Desroches, L.-B.; Lim, B.; Roth, K.; Tsao, A.
Journal Article
2020Degradation in photovoltaic encapsulation strength of attachment
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Journal Article
2020Density and shrinkage as guiding criteria for the optimization of the thermal conductivity of poly(urethane)-class aerogels
Członka, S.; Bertino, M.F.; Kośny, J.; Shukla, N.
Journal Article
2019A behavior-centered framework for real-time control and load-shedding using aggregated residential energy resources in distribution microgrids
Mammoli, A.; Robinson, M.; Ayon, V.; Martínez-Ramón, M.; Chen, C.-F.; Abreu, J.M.
Journal Article
2019New trends in solar: A comparative study assessing the attitudes towards the adoption of rooftop PV
Abreu, J.; Wingartz, N.; Hardy, N.
Journal Article
2019Quantitative analysis of degradation mechanisms in 30-year-old PV modules
Liu, Z.; Castillo, M.L.; Youssef, A.; Serdy, J.G.; Watts, A.; Schmid, C.; Kurtz, S.; Peters, I.M.; Buonassisi, T.
Journal Article
2019Surrogate modeling approach towards coupling computational fluid dynamics and energy simulations for analysis and design of energy efficient attics
Sharma, H.; Fontanini, A.D.; Cetin, K.S.; Kosny, J.; Ganapathysubramanian, B.
Journal Article