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EBiSC best practice: How to ensure optimal generation, qualification, and distribution of iPSC lines

: Steeg, Rachel; Mueller, Sabine; Mah, Nancy; Holst, Bjoern; Carbrera-Socorro, Alfredo; Stacey, Glyn; Sousa, Paul de; Courtney, Aidan; Zimmermann, Heiko

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Erstellt am: 19.8.2021

Stem cell reports 16 (2021), Nr.8, S.1853-1867
ISSN: 2213-6711
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Disease-relevant human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are generated worldwide for research purposes; however, without robust and practical ethical, legal, and quality standards, there is a high risk that their true potential will not be realized. Best practices for tissue procurement, iPSC reprogramming, day-to-day cultivation, quality control, and data management aligned with an ethical and legal framework must be included into daily operations to ensure their promise is maximized. Here we discuss key learning experiences from 7 years of operating the European Bank for induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) and recommend how to incorporate solutions into a daily management framework.