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Potential controlled tribological behavior of water-based ionic liquids

: Amann, T.; Dold, C.; Kailer, A.

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Hussainova, I. ; International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering:
Engineering materials and tribology : Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 24th International Baltic Conference on Engineering Materials & Tribology (BALTMATTRIB & IFHTSE 2015), November 5-6, 2015, Tallinn, Estonia
Pfaffikon: TTP, 2016 (Key engineering materials 674)
ISBN: 978-3-03835-655-4
International Baltic Conference on Engineering Materials & Tribology (BALTMATTRIB) <24, 2015, Tallinn>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWM ()
potential-controlled friction; ionic liquids; water-based mixtures; wear

Increase of energy efficiency, reliability and durability of technical systems in combination with resource conservation using environmentally friendly water-based lubricants would be an overarching goal in all tribological applications. According to this aim the objective of this work is to investigate and identify new water-based lubricants containing ionic liquids (ILs) to reduce friction and wear. Therefore the tribological behavior of different water-based ionic liquid mixtures, compared with a standard water based cooling lubricant emulsion, was studied using a ball-on-disk test. A three electrode setup was used to analyze the influence of different electric potentials. The results show that friction and wear can be improved by using ionic liquid. In addition, the tribological behavior can be strongly influenced by electric potentials. As tribological mechanism the attraction of cations and the formation of a triboactive layer is assumed, due to charging of the surface.