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Diffusion of organizational innovations in manufacturing companies. A German-Croatian cross-country comparison

Presentation held at POMS 19th Annual Conference, La Lolla, California, May 9 to May 12, 2008
: Prester, J.; Tipuric, D.; Jung Erceg, P.

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2008, 19 pp.
Production and Operations Management Society (POMS Annual Conference) <19, 2008, San Diego/Calif.>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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organizational innovation; production; Germany; Croatia

The ability to modernize manufacturing processes by implementing organizational innovations is crucial for achieving high performance. We assume that the successful implementation of organizational innovations builds one of the major competitive advantages of large manufacturing industries compared to smaller countries with less developed manufacturing industries and want to test it by comparing German manufacturing companies to Croatian ones.
This paper presents a cross-national comparison of the diffusion of selected organizational innovations as Continuous Improvement Process, Team Work in Production, Simultaneous Engineering, Kanban, EFQM Model etc. The results are based on the answers of 1 280 German and 59 Croatian manufacturing companies participating with a filled in questionnaire in the survey 2006, specifically developed for collecting data on the types and the extent of process innovations activities. The comparison of innovative organizational activities between these two very different countries gives raise to very interesting conclusions.