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Network domain federation - an architectural view on how to federate testbeds

Presentation held at Fireworks Strategy Workshop, September 11, 2008, Paris, France
: Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.

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2008, 2 pp.
FIREworks Strategy Workshop <2008, Paris>
FIREweek <2008, Paris>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
Network Domain Federation; testbed; testbed federation

This document describes a generic approach on how to federate networking domains . Network federation is a model for the establishment of a largescale and diverse infrastructure for communication technologies, services and applications. A federation of network environments can generally be seen as an interconnection of two or more independent network domains for the creation of a richer environment and for the increased multilateral benefits of the users of the individual domains. This paper discusses testbed federation as a concrete example for network domain federation and outlines a technical architecture framework as the result from the IST FP6 Panlab Specific Support Action.